As a seasoned web designer, I added a new skill to my arsenal. I became an Unreal Engine developer in 2021, and my journey was a bit different than others. Instead of beginning from the ground up, I concentrated on modifying existing open-source projects to meet my clients' needs. This enabled me to quickly observe the results of my efforts and comprehend the engine's functionality.

If you're intrigued to see what I have accomplished, I have a fully functional demonstration of my Unreal Engine work available for you to view. Simply follow this link: VEHICLE GAME. It is recommended to use a laptop or desktop PC for the best experience.

These four keys (arrows: UP, DOWN, LEFT, ROGHT) are used for movement controls in this game. UP moves the vehicle forward, DOWN moves backward, LEFT moves left, and RIGHT moves right.
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"Why did Damian, the freelance web developer who knows Unreal Engine, bring his gaming mouse to work? Because he wanted to make sure his websites had smooth gameplay!"
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